I will become surrogate mother or how to become surrogate mother?

To  become surrogate  mother  can not everyone, because  there are certain requirements:

  • woman shall be healthy: not to have diseases, addictions, a message full and active lifestyle;
  • woman who wants to become surrogate mother should has positive rhesus factor.
  • the age of surrogate mother -from 22 to 35 years;
  • presence of own children born in the natural way – 2 and more;
  • lack of mental deviations and diseases;
  • the consent of the spouse of potential surrogate mother certified documentary and also a consent of both spouses to carrying out all necessary medical manipulations and researches.

If you want to become surrogate mother, it is necessary to understand, first of all, that, thus, you help childless married couple, and you make good money.

“I want to be come surrogate mother”, – women often say but they don’t understand what expects them.

We will tell how to become surrogate mother and about cost, but it is also necessary to understand all risks before becoming surrogate mother. In Almaty, as well as in other cities of Kazakhstan, there is a great number of women who can’t take out the child for the medical reasons. Having given them help, you, undoubtedly, will make a good deed.

Let’s notice that to become surrogate mother in Almaty – more profitable at the price. Financial side of the question first of all interests women, who say: “I want to become surrogate mother in Almaty”. After  woman hears the price, she makes the firm decision: “I will become surrogate mother”. But before becoming surrogate mother, learn about the juridical, moral, social and medical parties of the matter.

How to become surrogate mother in Almaty?

If you wish to help married couple which for any reasons can’t have children, you need to address to the “Urpak” agency.

In the “Urpak” agency experts who are engaged in training of surrogate mothers for incubation and the birth of genetically foreign child. The wishing potential surrogate mothers have to address to the agency personally or to leave the application on the website of  «Urpak» agency with a mark “I will become surrogate mother”.

It is necessary to attach the small questionnaire to this mark about yourself, having specified growth, weight, appearance, a constitution, presence of own children, marital status, the state of health, a blood type and a rhesus factor. Our expert will surely contact you and will invite in clinic where potential surrogate mother leads a discussion regarding suitability to this procedure.

Risks of surrogacy

Before becoming surrogate mother, carefully consider the decision and potential risks.

It is important to understand that the child growing in your organism not yours and belongs to other people, and a task of surrogate mother is to take out and  birth  healthy kid, then to hand his in hands of biological parents. Not each woman is capable for it, though she mind and understands that the kid genetically stranger to her the, however a maternal instinct is stronger!

In the agency “Urpak” with potential surrogate mothers is led the discussion, which estimates  how woman looks at this situation and how she understands what is waiting for her!

It is also worth considering risks for health which are born in itself by pregnancy and childbirth. There are complications which not only are hard transferred, but also threaten health – first of all, reproductive, though somatic too. The agency, knowing about risks of the surrogate mothers connected by incubation of the child.

It insures all reproductive organs of surrogate mothers. Pregnancy is always the raised load of an organism. Though we will notice that the risk of complications is lower, than among pregnant women. First, because mother who carries foreign child  will be constant under observation of highly skilled doctors.

Secondly, for this role initially are chosen  woman with good health who is completely kept by function of reproductive system, and therefore the probability of the complicated course of pregnancy and its failure will be less. Partly it depends and from the woman – it is important to observe all recommendations of the doctor concerning a way of life or administration of drugs.