I want to become surrogate  mother – it is possible to see the similar phrase often on the Internet on various  clinics specializing in EKO.


Most of women offer the services to childless couples for the purpose of receipt of financial remuneration, such procedure costs quite much!

It is extremely important to make a right choice of woman who for nine months will bear the child. After the parties were determined in their choice, it is necessary to resort to services of the skilled lawyer who will tell both parties about their rights. The final decision should not be made in haste and on emotions, it is necessary to weigh properly all arguments, to rely on own internal feelings after the meeting, independently, you are surrogate mother  or the authorized parent and only after this to draw a conclusion.

“I want to become a surrogate mother” – similar thoughts arise in the number of women, but they don’t know all subtleties and features of surrogacy. First of all, all medical requirements need a full compliance – it is fine physical and psychological health, lack of addictions in the form of addictions to alcoholic and tobacco products, and also narcotic substances. The compliance to age criteria, as a rule, not excess of thirty five age, availability of one own healthy and strong  child, and of course  any drives to law enforcement agencies and especially convictions. If  woman wishing to become substitute mother consists in official marriage, she needs to have a consent of the husband.

The decision to become substitute mother can be only voluntary and accepted by  woman. Initially, as soon as all agreements are reached and terms of future procedures are discussed, woman is obliged to adhere to all recommendations received from the doctor to be observed regularly at him, to undergo the appointed procedures strictly according to the schedule.

Where to begin?

Any medical program assumes careful planning of all its stages.

The surrogate programs are the most difficult in respect of the organization of their carrying out. Therefore we offer you the brief summary of key stages of initial stage of passing of the surrogate program.

The choice of substitute mother for parents

We will give you help in the choice of suitable for substitute mother from our database. All candidates were carefully selected based on medical data, living conditions and personal characteristics. We will help you to make a choice on the basis of your preferences and our personal knowledge of candidates.

As soon as the selected candidates confirm the consent to participate in the program, we will reserve them in the basis for you.

Also we will organize a meeting with the substitute mother selected by you,  so that you can make sure of your choice in the course of personal communication.

 Surrogate program

 The surrogate programs widely practice equally both for citizens Kazakhstan, and for foreign citizens. In Kazakhstan the legislation resolves surrogacy on the commercial basis. The offered program assumes preparation, and carrying out EKO with the subsequent transfer of embryos of substitute mother in one of our partner clinics. Consultations and coordination of your program by the personal coordinator from our Agency;

  • Matching of surrogate mother from our base, the organization of the meeting of patients with candidates;
  • Fresh physical examination of surrogate mother;
  • All types of compensations of surrogate mother and insurance of reproductive organs and life.
  • The protocol of training of patients, including consultations of the doctor and coordination of preparation
  • Maintenance of pregnancy from the beginning and to the birth;
  • Organization of families of surrogate mother;
  • Legal escort, including receipt of the certificate of birth of the child and preparation of all documents;

Our agency has own big base of surrogate mothers. All candidates physically are also mentally healthy, aged from 20  to 35 years. For the purpose of achievement of the best results of your program and minimization of risks, we always conduct full medical examination of surrogate mother before the program.

Our agency accompanies patients from the very beginning of the program and until the birth of the child and obtaining necessary documents. After pregnancy confirmation we completely coordinate surrogate mother, we regularly inform patients on pregnancy course, we agree with maternity hospital and after the birth of the child we are engaged in preparation of all documents for registration of the child

We will keep you informed about all details of carrying out the program. We will undertake accomplishment of all medical procedures. On the first demand of you get access to all medical reports and documents connected with your program. We will provide fixed communication between you and surrogate mother.

Surrogate programs are one of the most demanded by our patients.