The IFV program with donation of ovum.

About 80 percent of all women  over  40-45 years, who address to services of reproductive medicine, usually use donation of ovum for conception of the child. Donation of ovum helps to woman in achievement of the dream to take out the child and to become mother, and every year by means of similar programs in the world over 20 000 babies are born.

It is necessary to consider that for women over 40 years success of the IFV program with use of donor ovum 2-3 times higher, than with own ovum, as donors act the young healthy girls who giving a large number of mature ovum in one cycle of donation.

  • It is very important that donation of ovum helps to avoid risk of transfer to your child by inheritance of genetic diseases (if those are available for the patient).
  • Consultations and coordination of your program from the beginning to the end.
  • Selection of the donor of ovum from our base;
  • Our agency has extensive base of donors of ovum. All donors are physically also mentally healthy, aged from 20 to 32 years, without chronic and genetic diseases in family, each donor has one healthy child. For the purpose of achievement of the best results of your program and minimization of risks, we always conduct full medical examination of the donor of ovum before the program
  • . Besides, we pay much attention to personal characteristics of our donors, all girls possess regular features, a good figure and are well educated. We are sure that you will find easily in our base the donor of ovum according to your preferences.

Usually  one donor cycle has 12-15 mature ovum. All ovum, received within the program are impregnated by the patient’s sperm then embryos are cultivated to the stage of blastotsist. Transfer of embryos to the patient is usually made for the 5th day, transferred to 2 embryos of the best quality. The remained embryos belong only to patients, can be frozen and used by them in further treatment.

The IFV programs with donation are one of the most demanded by our patients, we successfully realized a large number of similar programs with the proved results.