Married couples who can’t have the general children or lonely women, appeal to clinic to help them to conceive the child.

 The donor center of sperm is necessary for married couple in those cases if sterility is diagnosed for the man, and also in  situation when the partner has a disease which is descended. In that case there is an opportunity to buy a donor sperm.

Quite often similar decision of the spouses who addressed to bank of biological material is followed by psychological discomfort, but today only the artificial insemination of donor sperm can help to avoid risk of genetic transfer of heritable diseases. Besides, it is the unique exit in case of some forms of male infertility. Also  woman can use service, who appeared without spouse.

The sperm of the donor is stored in liquid nitrogen and used for fertilization of an ovum only after the long quarantine which duration is defined by six and more months. It is necessary to exclude an opportunity to transmit an infection of the donor to future recipient.

For patients about bank of sperm

For the patient it is very important to know how  we make the selection of biological material and what inspections passes the  donor of sperm.

First, the person chosen by clinic as the donor besides the general medical and genetic examination at least on the 36th genetic inspections, makes tests on HIV, hepatitises B and C, syphilis, a gonorrhea, a herp, a cytomegalovirus and other illnesses, which sexually transmitted. The donor is examined by the therapist, urologist, medicogenetic consultation and genetic researches is prescribed. Visit of the psychiatrist is obligatory.

Secondly, the refrigerated donor sperm goes to the quarantine for half a year. Then the donor repeatedly is examined on possible diseases. So careful examination is conducted with the purpose to avoid possible transfer of various infections, and also for the prevention of the birth of the child with genetic pathologies or having heritable diseases in the future. The price of donor sperm in case of mistake — the deformed human lives. If negative results are received, then the received sperm can be defrozen and used as biomaterial for carrying out fertilization of  female ovum.

Where  you can  buy donor sperm in Almaty?

First of all, patients can choose donors from among the relatives and acquaintances. But it is neseccary to entrust search to specialized clinic. In our  Agency ” Urpak” you can choose the donor of sperm, we provide a direct delivery bank of donor sperm which located in Europe, which cost in this case is incomparable with confidence in high quality. The great value is given to genetic analyses of donors, most minimum check on the 36th genetic inspection. The clinic in Europe conducts strict matching of donors of sperm. Men at the age of 18-35 years, without external deviations of  constitution and regular features, on condition of the complete physical and mental health can become donor.

Besides, biomaterial is anonymous, and all information on the professional, national status of the donor and phenotypical  description are entered in the catalog. The clinic strictly follows the rules of confidentiality, therefore we guarantee safety of any information.