We grant to our clients happiness of motherhood and paternity.

Our  agency “Urpak “, working hard at the medical market many years ; we thoroughly know this market  and we work only with participants (substitute mothers, doctors, clinics, laboratories and e.t.c) whose service we are sure.

We aim to be the best in the case and we consider that professionalism and ability to help  to the client – is the most reliable basis for  prosperity of our agency.

Our reputation

We work in the field of surrogacy more than 7 years. During this time hundreds of clients signed contracts with us and now they raise children at home,  born by our substitute mothers. Many of those, who passed with us the program and became happy parents come to us “for the following child” and recommend us to the relatives. We consider that these results better than any words speak about quality of our work.  We  are the best that is recognized also by other participants of the market.

“On the turn-key basis”

We consider that our clients within the contract have 3 fundamental obligations – to participate in receipt of embryos, to pay the contractual amount and in time to arrive to maternity hospital for  child. We undertake the solution of all other questions arising during the long period of action of the program of surrogacy. “This all questions”, certainly, are understood also as ensuring legal purity of all program and receipt of  certificate of birth, where you are specified as his (her) parents.

The lack of the hidden expenses: transparency and stability

Unlike most of the operators of surrogacy working at the Kazakhstani market, our programs are absolutely transparent – you know in advance what services are included in the cost of the contract and what you pay independently. Our clients never face a concept of the hidden expenses and always sign the contract “with open eyes”. We never change conditions and the cost of the contract how many time and efforts wasn’t required for its accomplishment.

Objectivity and independence

We are independent agency, therefore we make decisions proceeding only from interests of our clients. We work with clinics from all regions of Kazakhstan and distant the abroad. We cooperate with medical institutions, capable to render a full range of high-quality services within the program of surrogacy.

Nevertheless, we don’t have  right to impose their services on our clients, and if you have preferences or objective prerequisites,  are ready to cooperate with any medical institution rendering services in the sphere of EKO, conducting pregnancy and obstetric aid. The determining factors are quality of rendering medical services and your wishes.

 Why our clients choose the Agency “Urpak”?

Because for ensuring success of your program:

  • We care for each detail and we offer a full service package in each program and absolute maintaining confidentiality of information on each patient;
  • We work only with the private clinics providing to the high quality standards;
  • We provide to patients access to all medical documents and analysis results, and we inform patients on course of the program on the regular basis;
  • We provide patients with direct contact with the attending physician and the coordinator from the Agency who bears the personal responsibility for all organizational matters;
  • We attract in the program only of worthy and healthy candidates as substitute mothers and donors of ovum, and we always conduct their full medical examination before the beginning of the program;
  • We provide full legal maintenance and the help registration of the birth of the child;
  • We guarantee high quality of services.

Success of your program is our priority task. We appreciate your trust and we will meet your expectations.